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a Lawyer in Utah   -  a Lawyer in Chicago   -  a Real Estate Agent in Houston   -  a Movie Special Effects man in Los Angeles   -  an Owner of a Ford Agency in California   -  a Man who does the music for Movies in Los Angeles   -  the Owner of a Spice Company in Dallas   -  a Border Patrolman in south Texas   -  a Realtor in Washington, DC   -  Many people who want to move to Mexico from the USA, or who simply want to recover their Mexican Citizenship, etc.

NOTA!   It just got easier for you. The U.S. Apostle now does NOT expire! ALSO, the parent's Mexican birth certificate can be older than one year old, but must be in good condition and not torn.

With violent problems and dangers from ISIS occuring in the USA, you might want to consider moving to Mexico. A very good Real Estate website is: The prices are in Mexican pesos. Simply divide the price by about 17 for the USD equivalent.

FREE -    When you order your new Mexican Citizenship from me, IF YOU ASK,  I will also obtain your National C.U.R.P. ID card at no extra cost, and include it with your new Mexican Birth Certificate, and courier them to you.

                        Most others in the USA do require it.

After you receive your new Mexican Birth Certificate from me, you may apply for your MEXICAN PASSPORT in any Mexican Consulate in the USA or in Mexico.

Mexican Goverrment regulations require that I present ORIGINAL (not photocopies) of the birth certificates for both of your parents.  If one parent was born in the USA that birth certificate will need to have an Apostle from the Secretary of State where that parent was born.  
  The names of your parents on their birth certificates must be IDENTICAL as they appear on your birth certificate.  If not, amend your birth certificate before applying.

I highly recommend that you scan and email me all three birth certificates and Apostles BEFORE you send me any originals or pay any money.  I need to check names, dates, and places of birth FIRST to be sure your documents will qualify you.
  - Dr. Charles Spurgeon


Probably 20% of the people who obtain Mexican Citizenship do it through me.  The other 80% tell me that they WISH they had. . . . .

Born in the USA?  Have one parent who was BORN in Mexico? If "yes", you qualify! 

 Lawyers are very expensive.  Consulates are slow, will require additional documents from Mexico with Apostles every time you go back, again and again, and will require that your parents be present in the Consulate to sign, plus you will have to wait in long lines several times.  Leave these options for the crowd!   YOU now have the option of a fast and economical route to achieve the same results. BE A WINNER!   I am the answer to your need –



I'm Dr. Charles Spurgeon, an Official Translator in the Mexican State of Jalisco.  I process applications for Mexican citizenships.   Our applicants are American born individuals who have  at least one parent who was born in Mexico, and who are seeking dual Citizenship.

If you or your child is an American citizen,  and have been considering obtaining Mexican citizenship,  AND you qualify by having at least one parent who was born in Mexico,  there has never been a quicker, nor more economic way to do it than right now!   I need 3 documents from you: your original birth certificate,  an Apostle from the Secretary of State of the state where you were born,  also  a good, ledgible photocopy of your Mexican born parent's birth certificate issued less than one year ago.  Read on .......If 2 or 3 people are done at the same time, there is a discount.


 Dr. Charles Spurgeon

 Pvda. Sta. Rita # 50

 Col. Sta. Elena, C.P. 47480

 Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, Mexico

Once you have the 3 Documents in hand, send them to me by FEDEX or by DHLPlease do NOT use the USPO. Your envelope may never get here.  Send the documents to me at the above address.   BEGIN your application with me NOW! 

The original documents are filed here with the Government for legal proof of your parentage.

To START, scan and email me the 3 birth certificates.

Thank you.