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Testimonials of Satisfied Clients

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Recommendation by the City of Lagos de Moreno, Jal., Mx
Testimonials of Satisfied Clients
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In the City Hall, I work with personnel in the President's office,  City Treasury, and  Registro Civil (County Clerk) to obtain Mexican CITIZENSHIP for interested/qualified parties.  Since August 2007, I have obtained approximately 614 Mexican Citizenships for people who were born in the USA to Mexican born parents..  The majority were from families returning from the United States to Mexico with children born in the USA, or simply those who desire to have their children to have Mexican Citizenship. 

To whom it may concern;

       I am writing this testimonial to encourage any person interested in becoming a Mexican citizen to do so. And, that they work with Dr. Charles Spurgeon of the Center for Mexican Citizenship.

      To date, with the help of Dr. Spurgeon, we have managed to acquire citizenship for my father and his eight children.

      Never have I experienced smoother or more seamless transactions involving the Mexican government than those transacted with Dr. Spurgeon’s assistance.

      All promises and deadlines were completed exactly in the manner stated, and on time.

      Not only a fine businessman, but a great Christian as well.

Carlos P. Phoenix, Arizona


E. Duran - Calif.

Alfredo D. Calif.

L. Flores -  Chicago  (5 friends pending)

D. Vargas - Calif. 

G. Hernández - IL

To whom it may concern:

I was searching for house construction costs in Mexico and Dr Spurgeon

responded to a request from someone in Baja. He listed his web site.

I  read his web page testimonials and recommendations from the city

of Lagos de Moreno and I was impressed. I followed up with emails

and after several emails came to form a trust bond with Dr. Charles

Spurgeon. He went to a lot of detail in guiding me in the acquisition

of the proper documents. He went so far as getting telephone numbers

for me to contact the appropriate officials. I firmly believe that

Dr. Spurgeon is very hard working and will devote his maximum effort

to get naturalization for those who qualify. I have nothing but positive

thoughts about his approach and highly recommend him to any one  who is

interested in getting their Mexican citizenship.

- M. Arredondo



To whom it may concern:

Doctor Charles Spurgeon obtained  naturalization for my father as he promised.  I highly recommend using Doctor Spurgeon to get your naturalization.

- Praxediz A. Texas


I am an attorney in the Unites States.  Dr. Charles Spurgeon helped me obtain a Mexican birth certificate and citizenship document for a family member who was born in the United States to Mexican parents.  This was all completed in a few weeks, thanks to Dr. Spurgeon's knowledge, honesty, and efficiency.   I don't hesitate to recommend his services.  Sharon P. 801-269-9541 (July 2010) 


To whom it may concern

My Name is Gerald Copeland

I wouls like to take this opportunity to recommend Dr. Charles Spurgeon and the services he supplies as an agent who liases with the Mexican Government.

Our relationship started last April when I contacted him about obtaining Mexican Citizenship.

I had very limited documentation, but the dedicated guidence and perserverance of Dr. Charles I was able to obtain the correct documantation that was required to obtain my Mexican Citizenship.

I received my Naturalization in October of 2010.

I am going to require some other work to be done for other members of my Family and I am going to use Dr. Charles Spurgeon's services.  In closing I wouls like to state that the fee that I was charged in my estimation was more than reasonable.

Gerald Copeland



Dec, 1, 2010

I would like to say that Dr. Charles Spurgeon is a man of impeccable integrity and professionalism.  We corresponded via e-mail for all pertinent details and the numerous questions that I had about the process.  He was extremely courteous and helpful in all aspects.  There was a problem with my original birth certificate and he suggested that I send him my father's birth certificate which I did not have  (my father passed away last year).  He was able to obtain my fathers birth certificate and continue the process.  I am now a Mexican citizen by naturalization with a Mexican birth certificate thanks to the efforts of Dr. Charles Spurgeon.  If you have any doubts about his credibility or character please contact me at 224-210-2205

Gerardo Garza  BSEE, MS



January  2012

Hello there,
Just writing to say I received the documents safe and sound. I would
like to thank you for your services, and state that it was a pleasure
doing business with you. You will come highly recommended.
  Thanks, C. Hall,   Chico, CA


January 2012

"Thank you for your services; how fulfilling it must feel to know the impact this has on so many people,  and the lives you have impact on so many levels."

Rose  W.,    Modesto, CA


January 2012

"I received my paperwork yesterdsay. Thanks again for your help!!! .....................

I highly recommend his services.  Charles was very helpful from the day one that I emailed him and talked with him by phone.  THIS IS THE WAY TO GO.  My personal experience with the Mexican Consulate was just a mess and a waste of time.  I made 4 trips and it was ALWAYS something different.  I WISH I HAD FOUND CHARLES SOONER!!!!"

M. Ramirez,   Murrieta, CA


Feb. 2012

I received my documents yesterday. Thank you for your fast and good work! I'll recommend you to my acquaintences.   Felipe G. TX


Apr. 2012

Dear Dr. Spurgeon,

I received the documents that you sent this morning.  Thank you so much for your help in this matter.  I will now apply for my Mexican passport and I have an appointment with the Consulate this Thursday.  I will definitely recommend your services. I hope you had a nice Easter.

Leticia R.,  Henderson, NV


P.S. April 16, 2012

Hello Dr. Spurgeon,

I went to the Mexican Consulate last Thursday and I got my passport the same day!  All the documents you sent me were sufficient to complete the process.  Thank you again for your help.


Leticia R.,  NV


April 24, 2012

Dr. Charles,

Let me thank you for your incredible service.  I went to the Consulate today and walked out with my Passport in hand!  I'll be sending you more work next week.

Glenn E.,  Lake Isabella, CA


June 22, 2012

Dr. Spurgeon,

I am writing to thank you for the very smooth citizenship process.  I made an appointment with the Mexican Consulate in Orlando, FL.  I took with me all 4 documents from Option 4 and I was able to get a Mexican passport.  So, I wanted to say thank you for continually being very responsive and always answering my emails very quickly.  All in all,  I am very happy with everything and will definitely recommend your services to others.  I am glad to finally have reclaimed my Mexican identity and call myself a Mexican National now.  :)

Abraham P. , Tallahassee, FL


July 10, 2012

"I originally contacted Dr. Spurgeon to get some information in regards to the naturalization process and realized that the cost was worth a lot more than Dr. Spurgeon charged.  After sending in my paperwork, Dr. Spurgeon maintained contact with me throughout the entire process and professionally responded to all of my concerns.  I was surprized at how quick the entire process was and I highly recommend Dr. purgeon's service."

-F. Navarro, Los Angeles


October, 2012

I just wanted to thank you for everything.  I am pleased with what you sent me.  I am so glad I found you on the internet and that you were able to help me.

-Mario M,  Dallas, TX


November 2012

Not just my son is happy, we all are very please with your work! Thank you so much! I'm back from my short trip to Mexico and thanks to your work I was able to get him his IFE ID!!!!! 
We'll definitely recommend you!

- Carmen B., CA


November 2012

- Salvador H.,  Oklahoma


December 2012

- Amanda P., Kansas


December 2012

- Jacqueline, R., Texas

January 2013

Dr. Spurgeon, we received the paperwork today.  Thank you for your services. We are very pleased with your speedy service and professionalism.

We will be in conact when we decide to do our sons' paperwork. 

- J. L. Calderon Jr., Calif.


January 2013

Dr. Spurgeon, GREAT NEWS! I had my appointment at the Mexican Consulate today and have received my passport!


The whole process of reclaiming my Mexican citizenship was initially a very overwhelming prospect.  Inagine my good fortune when I found Dr. Charles Spurgeon!  He was an immense help and went above and beyond in his services.  He was very professional, timely and helpful.  I would absolutely recommend him to all of my friends, family and even strangers on the street.  His counsel made the entire process painless and fast.

     Thank you for all of your assistance!

-J. Rivas, Mansfield, TX


Abril de 2013

Estoy completamente seguro que el Dr. Charles Spurgeon, sabrá trabajar con ustedes de la misma forma y con la misma entrega que lo hizo para nosotros.  No creo equivocarme al recomendarle sin reservas a esta excelante persona.  Reúne todas las califaciones y experiencia para tramitar las ciudadanias de sus hijos sin rodeos y rápido y sobretodo, él ser paciente y muy honesto durante los trámites.  Me alegro haber tomado la decisión de dejar que el Dr. Charles Spurgeon me tramitara las ciudadanias de mis dos hijos, que han sido todo un éxito.

- Gracias, Eduardo R., Ft. Worth, TX


Sept. 2013

Dr. Charles,  I received the documents today!  Thank you very much.  It's been a pleasure working with you.  I have already recommended you to some of my friends.

- Christina H., Murietta, CA

March 2014

Getting your citizenship in Mexico is not for the faint hearted.      I was getting different information from every government agency that I turned to.  So exhausting.         Thru some miracle of the search engines I found Dr. Charles!  He is a no nonsense person.  He will guide you efficiently thru the process until it is completed.  One cannot imagine the value and trust that goes into something so personal as securing dual citizenship.  I highly recommend his services.  Don't try to do it on your own.  You will go nuts!  TRUST ME!  I feel as if I won the lottery by finding his online site.  Thanks again Dr. Charles!  I'm excited about my passport appointment on March 10th!                                                                      - Sandra Renteria

March 2014

Hello  Dr. Spurgeon,
I have received the documents you sent.  I want to thank you for your time and dedication to handling this for us.  I put this process on hold for over three years after my failed attempts at getting out dual citizenship through the consulate. I wish we knew about you then!  We will be happy to refer you to our friends and family!

- Maribel Ochoa, California

April 2014

Dr. Spurgeon, GREAT work! Good value, on Time, and High quality!           --Maria Ramirez, Attorney    

July 2014

Good morning Dr. Charles. I received the document as scheduled. I'm going to Relaciones Exteriores in L.A. tomorrow.                                                    

  -Mia. B., Calif.

July 2014

Dr. Spurgeon, I just sent your website to a person I met at dinner a few nights ago.                                                                                                     

 -T. Dobbs

Febuary 2015  Hey, Dr. Spurgeon, I received my documents on Monday.  I am so grateful and thankful.  You are the best!  - E. Pelayo, Ca.

-Jonathan    2015  The service was excellent, providing guidance along every step of the way.

-David Rodriguez - Seattle, WA   September 2015    I have worked with Dr. Charles Spurgeon multiple times  over the past several years.  His knowledge of the inner workings of the Mexican citizenship process makes navigating this workflow seamless - a much simpler process than trying to do it yourself, especially trying to do it from the United States side of the border.    I have and will continue to refer and recommend  Dr. Spurgeon to family, friends, and anyone who is looking to obtain their given Mexican rights.  I am glad I found Dr. Spurgeon's services several years ago and wish it would have been sooner!

-Dec. 2015 My name is Jose Martinez in California. I am a former client of Dr. Charles Spurgeon.  Everything Dr. Charles Spurgeon says on his website is TRUE.  I have looked into other providers and found them unsatisfactory.  At this point in time, you will find that THIS is a man of his word.    Once Dr. Spurgeon received my documents (my Birth Certificate with the Apostle and my father's Mexican Birth Certificate), he obtained my Mexican Birth Certificate documents within 7 days.  Within 10 days from the time he received my documents from me, I had my Mexican Birth Certificate IN MY HAND!   I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND Dr. Charles Spurgeon to let him serve you. You will NOT be disappointed.

-Feb. 2016  Rebecca, Connecticut                                                                   I highly recommend Dr. Spurgeon for his services in getting Mexican birth Certificates and CURPS for a family now living outside of Mexico.  He is efficient, organized, and responsive.  Dr. Spurgeon communicated with me every step of the way with calls and emails nearly every day throughout the process.  It was truly a pleasure knowing that he was in charge of the process.  I felt completely confident with his services, and highly recommend him to others.

- May 2016  Stella B., Palo Verde, CA  

Just  as you said, the Documents arrived at my home on Monday.  I want to take a moment to say thank you for a job well done.  I'm looking forward to getting my Mexican Passport".        

  -June 2016  J. Flores, Pearland, Texas

I started the process of working on my dual citizenship in 2001 at the time I was living in Austin and after several failed attempts I drove to the Mexican Consulate in Austin. I must have traveled to the consulate 5 different times before I got discouraged because of the short answers, run around  and misinformation that I received from the Staff working at the consulate.   I even traveled to the Mexican Consulates in San Antonio and in Dallas but I found the same results at both of those places.  I GAVE UP!    Finally earlier this year after almost 15 years I got the notion to try again.   I found Dr. Spurgeon's Website which I found to be simple, honest and legitimate.  After some open communication by phone he said he was qualified to get my Mexican Citizenship.   HE DELIVERED.  TWO DAYS after he received my original documentation he obtained my Mexican Citizenship .... all real and all Certified by the Mexican Government ...... I highly recommend Dr. Charles Spurgeon and I myself AM PROOF that his fair pricing and fast response and turn around time is second to none.  Thank you Chas! 

-July 2016    We went to the Mexican Consulate today at 2:30 pm. 90 minutes later, my wife and all 3 kids had their Mexican passports.  Not sure how to thank you for helping my kids get a second passport which was so important to me.  Thank you.    With at being said, I would like to help others who have a parent born in Mexico get their Dual Citizenship as well.   P. AREVALO

-July 2016    I WOULD like to add my name to the list of satisfied customers who have used the services of Dr. Spurgeon.  He worked diligently and patiently with me even though some issues/problems that I myself created.  Overall I am pleased with his service and communication throughout the process.  Once I had my paperwork in order and mailed it to him. it was less than a week before I got my new Birth certificate.  Great Job Dr. Charles!  Thanks,  Antonio Alfaro